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  • The school has a regular bus service for providing the transport facility to the children to and from the school.
  • The information regarding the bus routes are with the office for consultation.
  • The conveyance charges are payable along with other dues, and are charged for eleven months in a year.
  • The school buses have set routes and stops which will not be changed except in exceptional circumstances.
  • The Conveyance Incharge has the authority to refuse to pick up children who are not in proper uniform.
  • Parents are advised in their own interest to avoid rickshaws as means of transport for the children.
  • In the event a child is involved in a disciplinary problem while riding a bus, the Principal/Headmaster, at her discretion, may take any disciplinary action, even suspending the offender from bus.
  • Every student using the school bus must behave properly during the journey. Violation of the rules of discipline will be severely dealt with. The following acts are considered violations:
    • Discourtesy and disobedience to the driver or helper.
    • Pushing and jostling while boarding the bus.
    • Trying to distract the bus driver’s attention.
    • Destroying or damaging bus property and Fighting.
    Note: Payment for damages will be required before the offender is re-instated on the bus.
  • Parents who want their children to avail themselves of the school transport facilities shall apply for it. in April every year on a form available from the office, and shall give a written undertaking that the school will not be held responsible for any damage/injury/loss of life and/or property due to any accident and/or otherwise failure to pick up or reach the students on time.
  • Admission to the school does not automatically ensure a place 1n the school bus. If there IS no accommodation available or the route is not suitable, the parents will have to make their own arrangements for transport.
  • Those using the school bus will wear a badge indicating the Route and Stop and must carry the Bus pass daily.